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"Because, human Dib, stinky...pig...big head.....eeeh..." Zim wondered what he will tell Dib. He stalled him by saying random disses.
Dib narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, very annoyed and aggrevated. He wanted answers now that he knew this wasn't a dream.

Zim stared in Dib's eyes, trying to think of a reason why the human was there. " shot into this space and...I got nothin'." Zim admitted. He couldn't, with his quick whits, think of anything to say. {that didn't make sence}
A sudden chill lingered up Dib's spine. His breath turned to a tiny puff of fog. Goose bumps rolled down his arms.
"OOOOoo...w-w-w-why-y'd-d-d it suddenly-y-y g-g-get s-s-sooo cold-d-d," Dib studdered. He rubbed his arms to an attempt to get warm. He was in his short,thin pajamas.
Zim felt it also. He remembered the Dib-human was used to the sun and its warmth. Now they traveled far from the heat. They now passed the territory of the galaxie and were traveling in deep,never-ending space...It will get cold with no sun.

{sorry if im wrong or anything, i havnt learned much about space yet}

Zim's antenna even showed the feeling. They rotated side to side showing they were uncomfortable. He remembered he packed a blanket, but it was a single person size. It was a dark pink, the color of his uniform. It had the black irken symbol in the center. For freezing weathers like this, the blanket was made thick and cotton-soft.
"You and your stinky human pelts..." Zim complained about Dib's sensitive human skin. He reached back from the seat and grabbed a the box-shaped stored blanket.
Dib blushed as he saw his enemy get a blanket to warm him. "Ooh...Thank you Zi-"  He narrowed his eyes with anger as he saw Zim wrap the blanket around himself. "Jerk!" He rubbed his arms again.
Zim looked pleased with himself. But he remembered he needed to protect  the fragile sample. Then he worried. He unwrapped the blanket from his cold body. He held one half and gently curved it around Dib's shoulders.
Dib rose an eyebrow and moved his eyes to Zim.
"W-w-w-why-y are you being s-s-so-o-o n-n-n-nic-c-c-sss...?" Dib stuttered.
Zim sighed. If he had Dib here for no reason he wouldn't be treating the human so good.
"Figure out yourself." Zim said.
"NO! Tell me!" Dib demanded.
"You're...aaw...invited by the Tallests to be...honored a sample for a grand irken convention."
Dib's eyes went wide once again in shock. "WHAT?!"
"Don't worry, stupid monkey. We will return to your filthy pig planet."
Dib relaxed a little, but he was still struck with fear. "But...Why me?"
"Gir had suggested it." It wasn't a blame. It was true.
"Where is that robot thing anyway?"
"He had to stay back at the base. He would just be a pain and sing 'doom' all through the trip."
Dib did find that robot quite annoying.
A colder draft lingered under the cracks of the blanket. Dib scooted closer to Zim, both still wrapped close under it. The small cracks in the blanket folded over and stopped the draft. So close their cheeks touched.
After a long moment of silence, Dib's eyes began to droop close. It was still early time for him and he should still be sleeping...
And the perfect time too...
Zim spotted a purple-pink planet, symboled with a giant irken sign, traveling closer and closer toward the cruiser. He saw tiny, purple dots hovering into the planet. These were the many irken invaders also visiting with a sample from there "invasion mission"s.
Zim's eyes widened and a smile of delight spead to his face. He was finally with his own kind, ready to meet his fellow leaders and his people (though he didn't know they hated him).
He didn't want to wake the human. This was how he was suppost to be when they arrived...asleep.
wow i am TRUELY sry this took so very long :(
:worship: i am now repaying u...or something...
and y it take so long? ...skool of drawing and stuff...
this is shorter i no but i learned shorter...better...for pages it is xD...
siiigh i really dunno :no:
and sorry for the whole space thing...i really dunno anything about how many galaxies and stuff there are so ya...and wehn u spot the { } now, its me talking outside the story ^^

first page:[link]
next page:[link]
rocketchu1111 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
wow I LOVE this story just as much as I like sprinkles! Sprinkles! Sprinkles! I need a nap... *falls on the floor(you would bend your knees if you did that but ohh I didn't)and falls asleep*
toopas Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
just to fill your knowlige about the space, is that the stars, ARE suns ^^' kind of... they are just too far away from us to notis the heat from them :3 (you wanted to know) ^^' but if you don't know about something and don't want to be wrong about it, just look around some places on the internet, like wkipedia, (HIGLY RECOMENDED!!) they'll give you much better answers and knowlige then i can i can give you X3'
but anyway, enough talking about that!

but i like this chapter, (by many obvius reasons X3 ) its cute and yeah. and you actually can make them stay IN CHARACTHER! that's something not everyone can do, usaly people make them too lovly-dowly over each other, and then get smeets... *shudders* and i envie you for it, thank you~
fire-rose10 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
aww!!!! don't all upset. i loved it!!! i want you to do more
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